How I Use Self Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist I’m often asked if I use Hypnosis for myself, well yes. Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I?

Mostly I use self hypnosis, though I really enjoy working with my colleagues or the students on the diploma course I assist on. Occasionally I listen to one of the audio sessions I’ve recorded but I’ve never really got used to hearing my own voice!

Like most people my life has ups and downs, and that’s where my self hypnosis comes in. Here’s a few examples.....


To do my accounts, go for a run in the cold and rain, get on with a task I’ve been putting off, to push myself out of my comfort zone.


I’m not immune to anxiety just because I’m a hypnotherapist. Self hypnosis helps me bring clarity, is what I’m anxious about something I can control or is it out of my hands? Once I have that clarity I can do what I can to ‘control the controllable’ - and if the circumstances are out of my hands, then I accept that fact.


I confess - I am not very keen on heights! Of course I could decide never to even attempt to go to a high point and admire the view, but I hate to think I’m missing anything! In a few months time I’m going to a place where there are those very high swinging suspension bridges which I need to walk across. That really is way, way out of my comfort zone, I’m preparing by using hypnosis to help me become confident and excited about the adventure.


Hypnosis isn’t just about dealing with problems. I take a moment to go into hypnosis when things are going really well. I re-live the day, almost burning the feelings and sensations into my memory, I anchor them in my mind so they are always there for when I want to experience them again. What could be nicer?

Hypnosis isn't just my job, it’s my passion. And I walk my talk!