Trick Or Treat

The leaves are falling off the trees, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting a little chilly. Autumn is here and that means Halloween! 

Trick or Treat! 

It’s good to have a treat sometimes isn’t it?  When we are working to lose weight, treating ourselves to food isn’t always a great idea is it? 


Firstly, ask yourself - do I really need a Treat? Do I actually deserve a treat? If you are really honest, no, you don’t!

When I was very overweight and had embarked on yet another ‘diet’, I used to reward myself with a food treat because I had lost some weight - how crazy is that? And of course it set me off eating even more, another diet blown!

Is having a bad day at work worth that takeaway meal? Is not fitting in that pair of trousers worth having that cake or bar of chocolate to cheer yourself up? Will having that treat lead to you feeling guilty, set you off of on an eating binge? Spoil all your hard work and commitment so far?

Does having a food treat really make you feel better? OK, perhaps it does for a moment, but that feeling does’nt last does it? 

Of course sometimes it is lovely to have a treat, when you really you do deserve it. So that’s where the Tricks come in to help you avoid undoing all the hard work you have already put in.


The easiest Trick is to not select a food treat! Pick something that will continue to help you on your weight loss journey. A magazine, a book, a day out. Maybe a walk, crunching those autumn leaves under your feet. Choose something that you don’t usually do to make it even more of a treat.

If you really do want a food treat, then the trick here is to choose carefully and make it a real treat. I may chose a glass of Cava or a few squares of very dark chocolate. Because I don'y do it often it tastes so much better!

You can also trick your mind. When that urge to have that food treat kicks in, stop right there and visualize yourself at the weight you chose to be, feeling strong, fit and healthy. Looking and feeling fantastic! 

Trick or Treat?





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