How I work

What you can expect from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a practical and down-to-earth therapy, you won’t need to spend years ‘in therapy' - unless of course you want to!

Having said that, hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure either. Unfortunatley, though results can often be fast, I can’t quickly zap your mind and you go off completely cured! For most issues or conditions, four sessions is the average amount of sessions required.

I never use a ‘one treatment for all’ system, all our work together is personalised especially for you. We work together to find the solutions that will be the most benificial for you.

I will always be honest with you and I expect you to be honest with me. Tell me if something is not quite right for you, and together we'll find a different solution.

Initial Consultation

If you have any questions or queries about if hypnosis is right for you, please do give me a call or email me and let's have a chat. If you would prefer to have a face to face meeting at my Bournemouth office, I offer an initial 45 minute consultation. 

Before your first session

For some conditions or issues, it is very helpful for me to know something about you before we meet. In these circumstances once you have booked your first session, I will email some in depth questions for you to complete and return to me before that first session.


Yes, homework! To get the very best from hypnotherapy, it should be a collaborative process between you and your hypnotherapist - which means you have to commit to doing some work too! We will agree together what tasks will be the most beneficial for you to do between sessions. It’s important that you do embrace your homework, and don’t worry, I will check you’ve done it but I won’t be giving you marks!

Session Fees

Initial Consultation £40

Full sessions -£70

First session approximately 80 mins

Further sessions approximately 60 mins

Children's Treatments - From £50 - Please call for further information and fees. 

Mind Massage - £50

Just to spend some time relaxing & enjoying a short hypnosis session! A great way to experience hypnosis for the first time or as a regular mind massage! (Please note, a short (15min) health questionaire must be answered prior to your first Mind Massage, 30 minute Mind Massage)

Stop Smoking Programme

Am I Ready to Stop Smoking? - 2 hour Session £120 (A reduced fee will apply when you book your full Stop Smoking Programme)

Stop Smoking Now £180 - 2 session programme

Hypnosis Gastric Band

£365.00 (Fees include additional audio recordings)

Additional Gastric Band Adjustment - please ask for a quote

Fertility2Birth Programme

Hypnobirth - £275  

(£300 for sessions in your own home) 3 x 2 hour sessions, includes all audio recordings and information pack

Fertility - From £200

Please ask for more details

Reducing Blood Pressure (Hypnotension) 

A tailored programme to help you reduce your Blood Pressure. This treatment is for those diagnosed with Primary or Essential Hypertension, the programme works in conjunction with any medical treatment you are having. Fees depend on how many sessions required, please contact me for more information.


Gift Vouchers are available in units of £10. Why not buy a gift voucher for a Hypnobirth course, an ideal gift for an expectent parent!

Parking is easily available in the street outside my Bournemouth Hypnotherapy rooms. Evening and weekend appointments are often available.

Terms and conditions

Payment is accepted by Cash, Cheque, Debit or Credit Cards. 24 hours notice is required for cancellations or full fee will be due. 

The full session fee is payable at the beginning of each session.


If you would like to know more about how Hypnotherapy can help you, or to book an appointment at my Bournemouth Hypnotherapy practice, contact me via my contact page or 

Call: Lindsay Shepherd 01202 511096