Marginal Gains - The Little Things

Do you remember the London Olympics?  I spent every spare moment in front of the TV watching them. I loved every minute, watched sports I knew very little about and was fascinated by dancing horses, the bendy-ness and strength of the gymnasts, the speed of the races, whether on foot, boat or bike, I was there cheering them on.

One of my favorite sports to watch is cycling where Team GB lived up to their high expectations. My interest comes from my Dad, who was a track and road rider, competing at a high level, I spent most of my childhood at one cycle track or another! The equipment in those days was quite basic and heavy, though every rider always looked for even the smallest thing, the margin that helped them win. And that’s why Team GB Cycling is so successful, because they never stop looking for and implementing those things - those marginal gains.

A cyclist will spend hours in a wind tunnel honing their riding position, making a minute adjustment to the position of an elbow or chin, or testing equipment, shoes, skin suits, crash helmet shapes, solid wheels, spoked wheels, gloves with fingers or without. Every little adjustment gives just a tiny improvement, but put them all together and you get a huge gain.

Just think, if one change gives you a 1% improvement, just image what 10 changes make, 25, 50? A hundred changes and you have 100% improvement. All by those marginal gains.

Just imagine how you can make Marginal Gains work for you. How good would that be? 

Let’s imagine that you want to be more confident when taking to people, how will marginal gains help?

Well, why not start by smiling at someone you see everyday, the postman, a neighbour, that’s your first 1%. Next say ‘Good morning’ -  2%,  keep adding your marginal gains, watching them add up to that 100% ‘performance improvement’

Want to reduce your weight and increase your exercise level? How will you build up your marginal gains to reach your goal? Here’s a few ideas - Have a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit, get off the bus one stop early, park your car in the space the furthest from the supermarket entrance. Keep adding those 1% marginal gains and watch them build up. Reduce your weight by one pound a week for a whole year and you are three and a half stones lighter, just by making small changes and building up those marginal gains. How good is that?

What Marginal Gains will you make?