How Full Is Your Glass?

The London Olympics are underway and Team GB is off the mark! Two gold medals, a silver and two bronze in one day, to go with the silvers and bronzes medals already won earlier in the Games. Fantastic! Wasn’t it wonderful to see all the happy smiling crowds enjoying themselves, lining the streets, the riverbank and the Olympic venues, shouting at the tops of their voices to cheer on the athletes. I just loved that the crowds joined in with singing the British national anthem too, what incredible scenes! 

Today though, I’ve heard gloomy mutterings - “It’s about time we won something”, “Just as well after all the money its cost us” “Don’t expect we’ll get many more” Is it really necessary to be so quite gloomy? Why not celebrate and be grateful for those wonderful moments, rather than focusing on something that might not happen? We do this when we talk about the weather as well don’t we? A few days of sunshine and we just focus on how long its going to last, rather than enjoying the sunny days.

But isn’t this what we sometimes do in life? Rather than enjoying what we have, and what we have achieved, however small these things may be, so many of us choose to think about what we have not got or not done. This way of thinking can start to permeate into everything we do, we can become pessimistic, depressed and even in the extreme, feel it is just not worth the bother of starting anything as ‘it’s bound to go wrong’

I am sure you know people who you would describe as ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ Who would you rather spend time with? Who would you rather be?

If you are a half full type of person, it can be really draining to spend time with the half empty person, can’t it? Would you want to be the person your friends avoided? Of course you wouldn’t!

So how can keep your glass half full?

A really great thing to do at the end of every day, write down five things that have made you feel good that day. I have seen this described as a gratitude diary, a thanks book, a smile journal, a good friend of mine calls it “Panning for Gold’ - I love this description! That’s exactly what you are doing - looking for all those golden nuggets of the day. These moments can be anything, a sunny day, time to read a few pages of a book, enjoying a crisp apple, a puppy that made you smile, a car parking space just when you needed it. Or perhaps you will want to document a wonderful achievement, a day when you made intelligent and wise choices about what foods to eat, helping you reach the size shape and weight you choose to be, or a day without even thinking about smoking. Small things, big things, a moment of the day that only you know about, or something life changing - it’s all there ready to catch in your gold pan.

Ahh, but .. I hear you say, I have had a really bad day today, nothing has gone right! Well, then it’s even more important that you should get out your metaphorical gold pan and find those nuggets. They will be there! Just look for them, peer into that pan and dig them out. 

Let me give you an example, a little while ago I was flying home from a holiday in Greece when the aircraft developed a fault. We had to land in Italy to get the fault checked, so there we were, stuck on a military airfield in Italy, with no idea when we would get home. From then on anything that could go wrong did go wrong, we had squeeze on buses to get to a hotel two hours aways, detour to avoid a forest fire, luggage got mislaid...... I could go on and on!

OK, yes, lots of passengers were very cross indeed, but hey, do you want to fly on an aircraft that may have a fault?

So what five gold nuggets did we get from this? 

The crew had our safety as a top priority and dealt with the problem quickly and efficiently. 

The Italian authorities let us land as fast as possible and made us very welcome indeed.

We had a wonderful, unexpected night in Italy and met some great people

The hotel gave us a fabulous banquet, even though they had not expected 300 guests. For breakfast only had cream cakes were in stock - when do you usually get the chance for such an indulgent breakfast!

The next day, we were re-routed over Venice, so we got to see another beautiful city!

Why not into the habit of panning for gold every night. You can always find that gold - all you need to do is look for it. Before long you will notice the way you think changing automatically - and your glass will be full to the brim!

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