You know, whenever I hear the word happiness, I can’t help singing that song - ‘Happiness, Happiness, the greatest gift that I posses...’

 Being Happy is the most wonderful feeling isnt it? A fabulous state of mind! 

This weekend, I experienced the most wonderful uplifting demonstration of someone going from real un-happiness, to the most joyful, fill your heart, kind of happiness that I have ever seen. It’s this wonderful experience I want to share with you and show you a technique so you too can get that feeling.

Let me explain what happened. As well as working in my Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Practice, I have the great pleasure of  assisting my former Tutor, Adam Eason, helping him on his annual 10 Month Hypnotherapy Diploma course, also here in Bournemouth UK. Doing that in itself makes me happy, I love the learning environment and get a huge amount of pleasure in seeing the students grow more and more confident and become skilled Hypnotherapists. Of course, we also get to know the group really well and in a small way share in their lives.

One of the group is a very keen Manchester City fan - very keen! You may know that a crucial game was being played, which if City won, would see them as Premier League Champions for the first time in 43 years. We were able to watch some of the game between practical work, City scored, and oh how happy was our resident Fan, his face lit up with a joyful smile - then their opponents scored, twice! His face fell, time was rushing by and he became more and more despondent. Even City equalizing did nothing to raise his mood, only a win was good enough. He slunk off to his seat, his face a picture of despair and disappointment. We caught his mood and we too felt flat as the chance of that championship slipped away. And then.... a shout from the distance, up he jumped, rushed to our little screen, as he watched the dying seconds of the game, his expression froze, his body perfectly still - and then.....he leapt into the air, rushed up to Adam and hugged him, hugged the colleagues around him... Manchester City had scored on practically the last touch of the game and were the Champions.

Now he has since apologised for disrupting the serious learning of the day, but you know, even if you're not a Manchester City or even a football fan, the joy in the room at that moment could have not failed to make you happy! It was a spontanious, brilliant and wonderful moment, I'm grinning away as I write this. We were all thrilled and shared his happiness. 

That was a fun and special moment, I for one will always remember it with a smile. I’ll always be able to recall that laughter when ever I feel a shot of happiness would be useful to me.

There are often times in our lives when we feel a bit fed up, perhaps even un-happy. We also have times when we really experienced happiness, whether it was sharing in someone else’s joy or we felt that joy right there in our own bodies and minds. So the next time you need a lift, a shot of happiness - recall a time when you felt that happiness. Really be there, feel it in your body - where did you feel it? How did it feel? What did you think? See? Hear? Sense? Feel that happiness flood through you, hold on to that feeling. Smile, laugh, giggle!

And have fun!

I would love to hear about your special happy moments!

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