Habit Rewind

A couple of days ago I was reminiscing about a flat I used to live in before I was married, saying how much I loved the area, how vibrant it was and how good the transport links were, the buzz, the constant activity. My husband was amazed, ‘But it was so noisy, I don’t know how you put up with it!’ And you know, when I first moved in thought so too, but I soon got used to it and enjoyed the benefits much more than the inconvenience of the noise. And quite quickly, I didn’t even notice the din of traffic, sirens, aircraft & people outside. I was always surprised if anyone ever mentioned it!

Easy Come, Easy Go.

I started to think about how easily I had slipped into not even noticing the noise and other nuisances, they just became normal and everyday for me. I started to wonder about all those other things that just become normal, everyday or become a habit.