How Good Are You?

Recently I have been assisting my former tutor, and now my very good friend, Adam Eason in teaching his Hypnotherapy students. Sitting there in that hotel function room, which Adam has used for years, brought…

I'm a Hypnotherapist - Part 2

A while ago I wrote about some of the most common things people say when I tell them “I’m a Hypnotherapist”  - here’s a few more things I hear.

“I’ve heard…

September Resolutions

The August Bank Holiday here in the UK marks the end of the school holidays and certainly looking at the weather here at the moment, the end of summer for another year!

Now, while I don’t start September with a brand new pencil…

What Is HypnoBirth?

Hypnobirthing, using hypnosis in childbirth

Why Aim For The Stars

Making well formed outcomes,

Keep On Keeping On

As human beings we are very often resistant to change, we don’t really like to alter even the smallest things in life, let alone make major changes. Deep down though, we probably know that sometimes change is just what we need, and when we do…

Easy Come, Easy Go.

I started to think about how easily I had slipped into not even noticing the noise and other nuisances, they just became normal and everyday for me. I started to wonder about all those other things that just become normal, everyday or become a habit.

What If You Could?

A few days ago I was chatting to some people who were thinking about starting up a business, a really exciting venture, but pretty daunting too. Their professional skills are brilliant, I am sure customers will love their service. But they were worried…