Beat Exam Nerves

It’s the time of year when students of all ages are starting to prepare for their exams. For many people, the nerves that build up in the anticipation of a test or an exam, can be just as bad as the test or exam itself.

Choosing Your Hypnotherapist

You’ve done some research and decided that Hypnotherapy could really help you, so how do you go about choosing the right Hypnotherapist for you? In the UK there is currently no legislation governing the training, registration and practice of Hypnotherapists (and indeed many other therapies). Because of this lack of legislation, anyone can set themselves up as a Hypnotherapist or trainer of hypnotherapy. So how do you know that your Hypnotherapist has been properly trained and is competent? Fortunately, there are several ways that you can check.

Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy spending of time with friends and family. Instead, for many, it’s a hectic time of year, crammed full of party planning, last-minute shopping and organizing the big family dinner. All this frantic activity can lead to a stress, a lack of sleep, and ‘Christmas burnout’, which is anything but merry.

Habit Rewind

A couple of days ago I was reminiscing about a flat I used to live in before I was married, saying how much I loved the area, how vibrant it was and how good the transport links were, the buzz, the constant activity. My husband was amazed, ‘But it was so noisy, I don’t know how you put up with it!’ And you know, when I first moved in thought so too, but I soon got used to it and enjoyed the benefits much more than the inconvenience of the noise. And quite quickly, I didn’t even notice the din of traffic, sirens, aircraft & people outside. I was always surprised if anyone ever mentioned it!

What Do You Really Want?

What do you want? How will you know what you have got it? Do you have a Well Formed Outcome?

Marginal Gains - The Little Things

For the last two weeks any spare moment I have has been spent in front of the TV watching the London Olympics. Have you been doing the same thing too? I’ve loved every minute, watched sports I knew very little about and been fascinated by dancing horses, the bendy-ness and strength of the gymnasts, the speed of the races, whether on foot, boat or bike, I’ve been there cheering them on.

How Full Is Your Glass?

The London Olympics are underway and Team GB is off the mark! Two gold medals, a silver and two bronze in one day, to go with the silvers and bronzes medals already won earlier in the Games. Fantastic! Wasn’t it wonderful to see all the happy smiling crowds enjoying themselves, lining the streets, the riverbank and the Olympic venues, shouting at the tops of their voices to cheer on the athletes. I just loved that the crowds joined in with singing the British national anthem too, what incredible scenes!

What If You Could?

A few days ago I was chatting to some people who were thinking about starting up a business, a really exciting venture, but pretty daunting too. Their professional skills are brilliant, I am sure customers will love their service. But they were worried about their marketing skills - how they are going to go about promoting and selling their business to others. The biggest worry was that they ‘were too nervous’ to approach people and sell their product. Of course, we all know that to sell your product, then you really do have to tell the world it's there to buy, don’t you! But what if your fear is holding you back?