Is Obesity A Disability?

The European Court of Justice have today ruled that Obesity can constitute a disability in certain circumstances. The court's ruling states: '

 "The Court finds that if, under given…

Cash For Weight Loss?

Listening to the morning news on the BBC today I heard the words “tackling obesity” . Helping clients do exactly this my ears pricked up. What I heard was that The National Health Service (NHS) were planning to pay people to lose weight. Had I heard…

Rewind That Unwanted Habit

Have you ever treated yourself to a cake one day & before you know it, you're doing it every day? You have created a habit, perhaps an unwanted habit. This technique will help you break those habits.

That's Another Christmas Over!

Did you have the perfect Christmas of your dreams, or could it have been different? I hope it was fantastic, but if it wasn't then how about we have a look at what you can do to make it better this year.

Why I Love Hypnosis

I’m often asked how I came to be a Hypnotherapist, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I first discovered Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy when I needed some help myself. I can say is that Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has changed my life - imagine what It can do for you!


Stobtober - Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Children

I'm often asked if hypnotherapy is suitable for children and the answer is a resounding YES!In general, hypnosis is suitable for children from the age of 6, although this does depend on each individual child's development. For hypnosis to be effective, a child needs to have a 'sense of self', to be able to listen to and follow instructions and be able to communicate.

Overcome School or University Anxiety

Is your child anxious about starting a new school or going to university? Learn how Hypnotherapy can help you both enjoy your child's school and university days.