Refreshing & Motivating

I have just finished assisting my former tutor and very good friend Adam Eason in running the second part of this years Intensive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Course (HPD) at the Anglo European College of Therapuetic…

Talking to Yourself

When we do that negative self talk, what we are actually doing is strengthening the idea that we are the under achieving person we say we are, our minds begin to believe it. We can start to live up to that poor vision we have of ourselves. Wouldn’t it be far more useful to encourage yourself? To make that self talk positive and progressive?

Lindsay's Weight Loss - 5K & Beyond

I wanted to change my weight, to reduce it - and I did nothing. I’ve written in the past that actually I was quite happy being obese and while I truly believed it at the time, I’m beginning to think that wasn’t true. I told myself that I had to be ready to change and until I was then nothing was going to ‘work’. Which is a rubbish reason, it’s an excuse. I get cross when I hear someone say that a therapy didn’t work because the client wasn’t ready to change. While there is some truth in that, if a client has actually come to see you, then surely they do want to make changes? They may not understand what that involves, it’s up to us as therapists to educate them, show them how to become effective at self motivation, task them and support them, teach them self efficacy.

Lindsay's Weight Loss - Part 1

This is part of a private blog I kept when I started upon my own weight loss journey, at the time I didn't intend to publish it. Now I have reduced my weight by almost 9 stones, I hope that I can inspire others to take those first steps to reduce thier weight and become fitter.

What's Your Excuse?

If you have a goal that you are not achieving - weight loss, fitness, getting a new job - give this a go - excuse or reason? Once see that your reasons are in fact excuses, then bust them! Take action and start achieving the things you want to achieve. It certainly works for me and my clients love it too. Bust those excuses!

Rewards for Losing Weight?

The TV news and newspapers have been talking a lot about the "Obesity Crisis" & “Tackling Obesity” . Helping clients do exactly this my ears pricked up. I was recently listening to the news & what I heard was that The National Health Service (NHS) were planning to pay people to lose weight. Had I heard correctly? In my work as a Hypnotherapist I work with many people who want to reduce their weight, by just a few pounds or several stone. I’ve talked to hundreds of people who are classed as obese, morbidly obese or super morbidly obese, I have found that there are indeed a lot of commonalities in how those people gained weight.

New Year Resolutions? How are you Doing?

Did you make any New Year resolutions this year? If you did, Fantastic! I wish you well in achieving your goals. What are your goals by the way? Do they happen to be the same or very similar to the ones you made last year? Hmm, I thought so! New Year Resolutions can be a fantastic way of helping us to reduce weight, stop smoking, learn a new skill, exercise more, etc........but be honest, how long does that resolve last? Often it's not very long is it?

Another Christmas Over!

And I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas. In late November I blogged about how to avoid the stress of Christmas, so how did that go? Was it the perfect Christmas of your dreams, or could it have been different? I hope it was fantastic, but if it…