Oops - Language!

Now, I have been known to use a few swear words from time to time, however I would never swear in a conversation with somebody I have just met, certainly not a client. Just being mindful of others really. But I really really don't mind if you swear. In fact, I like it, I love it!

Raising Standards In Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapists agree that we want to learn as much as possible about our field so that we are more able to help our clients. Dispelling those myths about what Hypnosis can and can’t do is usually pretty high on the list too! During many of those chats my colleagues and I would talk about how “If we were in charge” we would raise standards, educate the public and our fellow professionals & raise the professional profile of Hypnosis Professionals. And soThe Professional Hypnotherapy Network was born.

Be Kind To Yourself?

At some point in your life, usually after a setback of sorts, has anyone said to you “Just be kind to yourself”. Or you may say it to others in those situations. And why not, it’s a nice thing to say. Or is it? I don’t believe it is.

Communicating with Oranges!

Taking the time to really communicate, listen or ask a simple question, ask for help, ask how you can help, ask what do you want, that can really can make such a difference.

The Only Way Is Up

How often do we give up on things simply because we can, we have a choice to keep going or to stop, go back to where we started. When you don't have any other option, no choice but to keep going, you just do it.

How I Use Self Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist I’m often asked if I use Hypnosis for myself, well yes. Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I? Mostly I use self hypnosis, though I really enjoy working with my colleagues or the students on the diploma course I assist on. Occasionally I listen to one of the audio sessions I’ve recorded but I’ve never really got used to hearing my own voice! Like most people my life has ups and downs, and that’s where my self hypnosis comes in. Here’s a few examples.....

Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy spending of time with friends and family. Instead, for many, it’s a hectic time of year, crammed full of party planning, last-minute shopping and organizing the big family dinner. All this frantic activity can lead to a stress, a lack of sleep, and ‘Christmas burnout’, which is anything but merry.

Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat! It’s good to have a treat sometimes isn’t it? When we are working to lose weight, treating ourselves to food isn’t always a great idea is it?