What is Hypnotherapy?

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, these are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Can I Be Made to Do Silly Things?

Hypnotherapy is really nothing like those stage shows you may have seen! Stage hypnosis is entertainment and can be great fun, the people on stage are willing participants, if they did not want to participate, then nothing or nobody could make them do so! When you are in hypnosis:

Of course this does mean that it's vitally important that you really do want to make those changes in your life, right now. As you are here reading this, it is very likely that you have already decided that you are indeed ready to make those changes.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Being in hypnosis is a different experience for everyone, in fact, many people say it is a different experience every time they enter hypnosis.

Have you ever been reading a book and then wondered what you have just read? Or have you been so absorbed in a task that you don't hear anything going on around you. There's no 'chatter' in your mind, you've just been doing it without thinking. We dip in and out of this state several times a day.

When we work together I guide you into a focused state of mind, you will feel wonderfully relaxed - perhaps similar to that lovely state of just being about to fall into a wonderful sleep!

I like to describe Hypnosis as  Relaxed, Focused Attention

Tell Me More!

It's all about your mind.

Currently, there is no credible scientific evidence to prove that we actually have an unconscious mind. We do know that our mind stores all the thoughts, skills, habits, judgements and beliefs that we learn all through our lives. As we learn something new, we are doing so consciously. Once we learn, that information becomes stored in our minds and we no longer have to think about how we do those things - we just do them! This is often refered to as Unconcious Competence 

It's like you have an  'Automatic Pilot'. This information is tucked away safely, ready to spring to the front of your mind when you need it. This is fine when it's something we want to have stored in our minds - not so good when we have ways of thinking or doing that do not serve us so well!

Hypnosis can help you change those unhelpful thoughts and actions to be much more useful and beneficial.

Hypnosis is a mental state of focus and communication that allows change to happen. Sometimes it requires patience and persistence. When I work with you, I guide and manage the hypnotic state and subsequently facilitate those changes in your mind’s patterning. It's noy just me though - you need to do some work too! Hypnosis is a collabortaive process. 

Anything Else I Should Know?

Hypnotherapy can help you make some fabulous and beneficial changes in your life  for example to stop smoking , let go of phobias, weight reduction, confidence issues, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, management of pain, IBS and menopause................. and so many, many more of those challenges we may meet in our lives.

I have made a series of videos about some of the conditions that Hypnotherapy may help with,  to view click VIDEOS on this drop down menu.

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