Oops - Language!

When we meet someone for the first time, we generally like to make a good impression don't we? Well, I certainly do! 

Many of my clients tell me that they were really nervous before their first hypnotherapy session. I completely understand this and naturally I will always do my best to help them feel comfortable.

Now, I have been known to use a few swear words from time to time, however I would never swear in a conversation with somebody I have just met, certainly not a client. Just being mindful of others really.

Once we get chatting and into a more natural conversation, more often than not my client will let out a few swear words. And usually they are embarrassed and apologise! 

But I really really don't mind if you swear. In fact, I like it, I love it! 

I like that you feel comfortable enough to be natural with me and I like that you are really engaging in our conversation. If you tell me you feel like “F***ing s***” when you have to stand up and speak in public I can understand your feelings much more than if you told me the ‘polite’ version, that you feel “pretty bad”. 

When I offer techniques to help, it’s much easier to know your way of speaking. For example, sometimes you become overwhelmed with all of the tasks you have to do in a day, we need time to stop,  to say F*** it, I’ll do that another day. 

If that is what you’d really like to say, then isn't it so much more useful and true to yourself than saying “Oh gosh, I’ll leave that right now” . 

And I’d suggest, a lot more satisfying! 

So, go on, have a good swear if you want to! 

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