Raising Standards In Hypnotherapy

When a few Hypnosis professionals get together there's awlays a lot to talk about interesting cases we are working on, books we are reading, articles on hypnosis in the newspapers that have amused or interested us......

Over the years I've been in practice I've met and worked with many other hypnosis professionals, of course we don’t always agree on everything. In general though we all agree that we want to learn as much as possible about our field so that we are able to help our clients in the best possible way. Dispelling those myths about what Hypnosis can and can’t do is usually pretty high on the list too!

During many of those chats my colleagues and I would talk about how “If we were in charge”  - what would we do to raise standards, educate the public and our fellow professionals & raise the profile of Hypnosis Professionals.

And so from all thise chats was born

The Professional Hypnotherapy Network 

The four founding members, Adam Eason, Lucy Hyde, Steve Baxter and myself Lindsay Shepherd, all practicing hypnotherapists, set out to create an organisation that would do all of those things and more.

PHN  Core Principles

 Creating a professional community.

Offer access to best quality resources and education for members 

 To educate the public correctly and effectively, 

 To see the field of hypnotherapy flourish and develop with focus 

 Build a membership that adheres to a set of high standards and who cares deeply about the representation of the field.


It was important to us that The PHN is an independent organisation that recognises and welcomes new members from a number of accredited training organisations and a range of therapeutic approaches.

The PHN is a brand new and growing organisation, we’re developing & adding new resources for our members and for the public who are looking for a hypnotherapist in thier area. Please do let us know what you would like from PHN.

If you are a Hypnotherapist, come and Join Us  

As long as your membership remains continuous you will always pay the same fee as you did when you joined

Our Mission Statement can be read here.

if you would like more information, please contact us