What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is all about human communication and personal development. Does that sound a bit like psycho-babble? It really isn’t, NLP can give us skills in communicating and offers new and practical ways of changing the way we think and behave.

NLP helps people change thoughts and emotional states, so they can then alter their behaviors. A typical NLP session entails you identifying and describing a specific aspect of a behavior you want to improve or change. I ask detailed questions to help you really define the problem. You then describe your outcome - what your goal is regarding this problem.

For example, at the moment you may not be confident making business presentations, your goal is to become confident in these situations. We will spend some time ensuring your outcome is ‘well formed’ because it’s important that you are working towards an outcome that is right for you.

NLP can be used as a stand alone process or alongside Hypnotherapy. My sessions do usually consist of a combination of both NLP and Hypnotherapy.

NLP can help you: 

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