Refreshing & Motivating

I have just finished assisting my former tutor and very good friend Adam Eason in running the second part of this years Intensive Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Course (HPD) at the Anglo European College of Therapuetic Hypnosis It was the second study block for our students, several of whom travel from overseas to do the course, having last seen them in March when they learned the foundation skill of Hypnotherapy,  it was wonderful to see them again. I'm sure they won't mind me saying how much more confident they were from the first time we met!

I absolutely love assisting Adam on both the intensive coures and the 10 Module monthly course, the intensive course has a special place for me as it was the very same course I did all those years ago when I was one of those students nervously joining on my first day. I recall my thoughts as I went home on that first day, a mixture of "Oh my word, what have I done, so much to learn, so much homework" and "How wonderful is this, I love it, I don't care how much work I have to do, this is what I am going to do" And, it is now what I do!

People often ask why I keep coming back year after year to help out, surely I should be working in my Hypnotherapy practice, after all that is what I wanted to be doing wasn't it? I do it for many reasons, firstly it really is a great way to spend my time, it's fun, though I pretty much know all of Adam's jokes and stories off by heart now! I get to meet and work with a lot of wonderful people from all walks of life and countries. I get to share the knowledge I have gained from working in my hypnotherapy practice. The diploma course is constanly updated so my knowledge is always as up to date as possible, in effect I re-train every year! As we are an evidence based college some of the things I originally learnt perhaps don't stand up to the evidence now, where others have gained validity, I develop my knowledge along with the students. Several of my hypnotherapist colleagues come and assist on some of the days and we like nothing more than being complete Hypno-Geeks and chatting about hypnosis, all day long if we could! 

Actually taking the time out of my practice helps me be a better hypnotherapist. When I go back to my practice, I bring back new knowledge, evidence based practices, refreshed skills, new techiques. I consider myself very self motivated, when I spend time with the students my motivation gets a huge extra shot, I come back fizzing with ideas to use with my clients, different ways of inducing hypnosis and usually a new store of jokes. Let's just say that this time I learned that there is a myriad of phone apps which make amusing noises! 

If you would like to teach us some more jokes or become a Hypnotherapist, please do get in touch.